Jesus was a Black Jew: An Inconvenient Truth in Scripture

Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Judah was the first Jew and he had five sons by two black women from a Canaanite'tribe, and Ham, the father of the black race and Ham, "is the father of Canaan" the founding father of all Canaanites (Rev 5:5; Gen 38; 9:24 ).

Thus, the tribe of Judah began half-black and half-Jew. In Matthew 1:5, Rahab a Canaanite prostitute is in the lineage of Jesus by her marriage to Salmon from the tribe of Judah. This black former harlot is King David's great grandmother, and David thought he could easily pass his seed out as that of his black Canaanite warrior Uriiah. David had his Hittite-Canaanite soldier killed for not bedding his own wife whom David impregnated. Uriah's wife was Bathsheba a Gilonite-Canaanite whose people Joshua conquered when he took the Canaanite town of Giloh as territory for the tribe of Judah (2 Sam 23:24; 11:3; Josh 15:20, 51).

This proselytized Canaanite named Bathsheba, whose wise grandfather was David's wise advisor, Athitophel, a Gilonite-Canaanite, gave birth to their half-black half-Jewish son King Solomon who developed a penchant for black women in his harem of over 700 wives women. Solomon dedicated an entire book in the Bible to one black woman in particular in his love called the Song of Solomon where he calls his black love interests in his wise estimation "the fairest among women." She references that she was as black as the blackout curtains that surrounded his king sized bed. King Solomon infused more black blood s in the lineage of Jesus Christ's ancestry by his marriage to an Ammonite, the tribe Lot produced by his incest with his half-Canaanite daughter that produced the half-black tribe of Ammonites.

Solomon's wifee Naamah the Ammonitess, gave birth to his foolish son Rehoboam. "Remember Lot's wife?" Well, you better. She was also a black woman being a Canaanite who dwelled in the Canaanite city of Sodom, the infamous black township that now lies in a watery grave at the bottom of the Dead Sea. Lot had incest with his other half Canaanite daughter who gave birth to Ammon's half-black half-Semitic brother named Moab. The Moabites were a half-black tribe from whom Ruth the Moabitess in Jesus' lineage descended as King David's grandmother to King David who she married Boaz. Her black heritage infused more melanin into King David that gave him a complexion so "rudddy" that he thought he could pass his seed off as a black man's.

This seed of David's is in the ancestry of the Virgin Mary and her husband St. Joseph who both descended from this Semitic and Hamitic blend of Jew and black ancestry. These are sketches from Jesus was a Black Jew: An inconvenient Truth that is shamelessly concealed by Judeo-Christianity but revealed in the "Scripture of truth." Another infusion of black blood came into the tribe of Judah “from whence our Lord sprang” is noted in Genesis 46 where Joseph summoned every Hebrew in the world to Egypt "the land of Ham" where they numbered 70 souls; 68 were males and two females (Gen 46:5-27; Ps 106:22).

So, who did Judah's bachelor grandsons marry to keep the tribe in existence in Africa but women in "the land of Ham." The information in this book has biblical genealogical charts that will serve to shut the mouths of those who want to project Jesus as a white skin Jew when not one drop of Caucasian blood from the lineage of Noah's firstborn son Japheth, father of Caucasians, is recorded in the Bible's story's lineage of Jesus Christ. However, numerous infusions of black blood in Hebrews and Jews are recorded in the record of Scripture with Moses cited as being married to an "Ethiopian woman" in the KJV in Numbers 12:1. You are invited to share in truth that is stranger than fiction that the majority of non-bible students are unaware of in this remarkable book Jesus was a Black Skin Jew: An Inconvenient Truth.