My fellow brother and sister, it is crucial to understand that LOUZOLO IS NOT A RELIGION NOR IS IT A CHURCH! It is an Association of Charity based on Spiritual Character. 


Louzolo is the “Mother Hen”, allow me the term, which brings together all the religions of the whole world. Louzolo is an association, it will never be a religion since it is the "House" of all religions, churches, and spiritual assemblies. The house in which all the religions of the whole world are found. Those who pray and even those who do not pray are all "in the Louzolo house". The Louzolo Amour OPH Association is therefore the Mother Hen who broods all religions and spiritual assemblies around the world.


Louzolo is the Mother of all spiritual nations, the mother of those who pray and of those who do not pray... 

You would therefore understand once and for all that Louzolo is the Mother Hen, that is to say, the Head of all the religions of the world, those which have existed before, those that already exist and those that will come in the future (Message from the Grand Master of the OPH at Loutété, from August 29 to September 2, 2007).


How can Louzolo be a religion if all the religions come together in one place? How can it be a religion if it is the Mother hen of all religions covering all the religions of the world under its wings? 

Whether you are from the North or the South, East, or from the West we have one God the Father. Emile does not want division or separation, he wants unity. Concerning the different dialects, Louzolo does not mind. Even if you are Protestant, Catholic, in Salvation Army… you can still come and pray at Louzolo, because there is no distinction of races, ethnicities, origin, social positions, etc.